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April 14th, 2018
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Credit Card Payment required
for Online Registration

For Information or special setup needs:
(918) 913-3868

If you would like more than one spot at the competition, please call (918) 913-3868 option #2, before you register! We do not guarantee extra spots!

Head Cook: Team Name:
Address: City:
State/Zip: Telephone:

  • Pre-registration Fee:
    (Before 8:00 p.m. Friday, April 8th) ----------------------------------------------- $25.00 Per Category
  • On-site Registration Fee: ----------------------------------------------------------------- $40.00 Per Category
  • Electrical Hook-up Fee: -------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00 Per Service:       Qty.
  • Additional Spots Fee: --------------------------------------- $25.00 Per Additional Spot:    Qty. 1   2   3   4
    **Disclaimer: Extra spots must be pre-approved.**
  • Please Enter Our Team In The Following Events:
  • C.A.S.I. Showmanship C.A.S.I. Chili
    E.C.C.O. Hot Links Crowd Pleasin' B.B.Q. (less than 50 employees)
    E.C.C.O. Chicken Crowd Pleasin' B.B.Q. (50+ employees)
    E.C.C.O. Pork Spare Ribs Crowd Pleasin' Showmanship (less than 50 employees)
    E.C.C.O. Beef Brisket Crowd Pleasin' Showmanship (50+ employees)
    E.C.C.O. Open Crowd Pleasin' Chili (less than 50 employees)
    Crowd Pleasin' Baked Beans Crowd Pleasin' Chili (50+ employees)
    Crowd Pleasin' Hot Links
  • Once you enter a cooking event, you may enter showmanship.
  • Credit card payment must follow this online registration form.
  • Cooks: Special arrangements must be made in advance if you plan to arrive between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  • Item Total:  

       Copyright © 2005-2016 MEC Muskogee chapter has chosen to support local agencies dealing with child abuse issues & terminally ill children.
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    Muskogee Exchange Club is one of hundreds of charters of the National Exchange Club. There are approximately 65 local members, making us the largest Exchange Club in Oklahoma. The chapter meets every Tuesday at noon for lunch at Cowboys. Visitors and prospective new members are welcome. The Exchange Club of Muskogee works to respond to numerous local charities, community problems, school needs and other requests for donations. We want to be there, when we can, for our community with our charitable funds. Over $600,000 has been donated to various charities and organizations within our community. While National Exchange Club focuses its attention on child abuse prevention, chapters are encouraged to support local charities. Since the mid 80's, the local chapter has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars with an emphasis toward children's issues and the terminally ill. Nationally, the Exchange Clubs primary project is child abuse prevention. Locally, the Muskogee chapter has chosen to support Muskogee agencies dealing with child abuse issues and terminally ill children. (remove this text).   (insert text) The C.A.S.A., Court Appointed Special Advocate program is a non-profit organization whose mission is to recruit, screen, train and supervise community volunteers to serve as advocates for abused and neglected children. The single purpose of a C.A.S.A. is to protect and guide the child through the court system to help them find a safe, nurturing and permanent home. Susan Hendrickson, Volunteer Advocate Coordinator, thanked the Exchange Club for the generous donation stating, "the money will be used to support and train our 50 C.A.S.A. volunteers." Kids Space, the Muskogee County Child Advocacy Center, is a child-friendly facility providing a wide variety of services to abused & neglected children and their non-offending parent. According to Scott Stewart, Kids Space board member, "the center's main goal is to decrease the trauma experienced by these children by providing a non-threatening, comfortable environment for interviews and necessary procedures by law enforcement personnel, social service representatives and medical professionals. This donation is greatly appreciated and will make a difference in the lives of the children we serve."